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Miel del Tío Juan Cruz
Miel del Tío Juan Cruz




This is a result of the hard work done by “Apicola Cuartero S.L”, a Family business born three generations ago and situated around the mountains of Moncayo. With close to 3000 beehives, our honey is entirely produced in Spain, and come from best floral areas that Spain’s geography has to offer. Boasting more than 20 varieties of honey and other products, coming directly from our natural resource, carefully selecting our beehives settlements in the wild free of all pesticides. And every year retaking the ancestral migratory routes, meaning that every variety of honey harvested is uniquely different, and can differ even though being of the same variety. It is by these means that with “Miel del Tio Juan Cruz” we have achieved the revival of the old memories from our youth when we would go straight the beekeeper with our parents to buy honey.

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